We are informed that from the Local Police Delegation and the PLV Headquarters, an attempt is being made to standardize on the uniformity of the unit of "recent" UMA creation. More specifically, it is intended to provide only protective helmet for when they serve by bicycle.

        We expect from the SIPOL-CV, that this is just a rumor, and that it is not the intention of our leaders that the components of the Environment Unit patrol with the bikes, so fashionable with this government, with the uniform habitual.
        We understand that it would be a ruin, of the usual I want and I can not, in this case is the I do not want and do not want, the mates had to be 7 hours on a bicycle without the corresponding equipment (pants with protection, shoes fit for that purpose, adequate clothing, etc.), which includes the decree of uniformity of the Generalitat.
        We can not understand, that they have not even raised such a circumstance, since it pretends to be a star project of this Delegation, and the intention, apparently, is that it continues working as if we were in a banana republic.
        The SIPOL-CV can not allow such an extreme so we will consider filing a complaint in both Labor Health and in the Courts, if necessary.
        We remember that we are talking about a tiny amount of money from the annual uniformity budget, so there is no economic excuse, it is only political will.
        This union, SIPOL-CV, will be attentive to the movements that take place to such an extreme, sending the comrades to report any incidents.



The Third Division of Administrative Litigation of the Supreme Court has notified that the sentence won by the SIPOL-CV to the City of Valencia on our Danger is already firm, so there is no longer any legal impediment to delaying the collection of our Danger.

         We remind you that in September 2016 the SIPOL-CV won an Administrative Contentious in the Court No. 7 of Valencia on the collection of 1,750 € for Police and Firefighter, plus interest for delay, for the payment of our Danger, where the City Council Valencia, with the support of the trade unions represented at the General Committee, decided to deprive all police officers and firefighters of a LEGAL, TEMPORAL and MORAL economic right that belongs to each one of us.

         Although there was no recourse to this judgment, the City Council of Valencia presents a Remedy of Cassation in the Supreme Court with the sole purpose of delaying the collection of our Danger, not being admitted this Appeal of Cassation in the Supreme Court in July 2017.

Having regard to the Order of the Administrative Court No. 7 of Valencia, May 2017, where ORDERING the execution of the payment of our Danger in the non-extendable period of 1 month, under the warning of Economic, Patrimonial and / or Penal Responsibility of the Authorities or Officials responsible for the breach of this judgment, and in view of the Due Diligence of the Sentence Signature in September 2017, in the SIPOL-CV we are going to give the term for the payment of our 1,750 € plus interest of delay until October 30, 2017.



From the SIPOL-CV it seems to us regrettable that the agreements reached in the Technical Tables of the proposals presented by the unions represented there, BENEFIT A FEW COSTS TO HARMONIZE THE GREAT MAJORITY OF LOCAL POLICE.

Order of Transfers:

         We do not understand that the head office pulls a transfer order where it is MANDATORY to ask fate to the police affected by an absurd restructuring, where it is veiled threat that if you do not ask, we can send you to the destination that Headquarters say, regardless of family conditions and / or personal of each Police, so to ask everyone or it will be worse. And as you requested destination, you will be at least 2 years in that destination without having the right to request another, for that you have requested.

       But most unfortunate thing is that there are Police of First, where they DO NOT REQUEST DESTINY, but as they are VERY SIGNIFICANT union, a Technical Table is set up, a fight is organized and the Headquarters is forced to take another Order of Transfers where these Police of First ask for a letter, whether or not they are vacant, and we will make them hollow in any way, and as they are First Cops, we do not apply them as the rest of the Police, those 2 years obliged to stay.

          It seems to us unfortunate that they modify the rules of the game to the letter with the sole aim of benefiting a few SIGNIFICANT UNION POLICIES, at the expense of the other comrades who did not have that option. That is not the trade union world we deserve.

Christmas Week:

         Now go and find out that at the beginning of this week another Technical Table is set up to MODIFY the criteria of the week of Christmas parties of all the Police, reflected in our Protocol of Schedules.

         Now it goes and turns out to be, that there are a few Cops who do not like their Christmas Party week. Nothing, we ask for a Technical Table and we modify the criteria A LETTER so that a few can benefit at the expense of the rest of Police.

         Now go and the unions in Table, MODIFY the criteria to allocate the Christmas parties so that the Policemen of a certain cadence, enjoy BEST Christmas DATES, harming the police of the other two cadences.

         But nothing happens. Take it easy. Do not make plans for next year, that these same unions will not shake their pulse to re-modify the criteria of the Christmas Parties of 2018 to return to benefit their own at the expense of the rest of the police.

        We find the attitude of this type of unionism unfortunate, where it is not a question of prejudicing the great majority of the police, in order to benefit a minority at the expense of the other comrades.



From the SIPOL-CV we want to transfer our most sincere CONGRATULATIONS to the companions of the National Police, Civil Guard and Urban Guard, as well as part of the Mossos de Escuadra, who have defended once again with integrity and professionalism , the Rule of Law, Legality and our Constitution in Catalonia.

As Policemen we are, we do not understand our profession as a political weapon, capable of being at the service of a certain political option and above Legality. Once again, our comrades of the National Police and Civil Guard have demonstrated their PROFESSIONALITY and DEDICATION, in defense of the rights of the vast majority of Spaniards.

It has become very clear to the rest of Spain that not only the difference between a National Police or Civil Guard in relation to a Mosso de Escuadra is not only € 500 difference in their salary, but the big difference is the PROFESSIONALITY, DIGNITY AND DEDICATION of all of them.

We also want to show our SUPPORT AND SOLIDARITY with the companions of the URBAN GUARD, the great forgotten ones these days, where they have had to MULTIPLY their efforts, not only attending their daily tasks, but they have also had to attend to the last weeks the services of the Mossos, who had ceased to attend political decisions, leaving their fate to their fellow citizens.

We hope and wish that the weight of the law will fall to all those who have embarrassed us when wearing a police uniform and that have nothing to do with us, the Police.




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