After 10 years without opposition to Local Police and with a staff in minimums and aged, unable to attend to the problems of the neighbors or the events of this city, and the RESTRUCTURING designed by the Police Department where disappear Whole Units (Goes) and others reduces them to testimonial numbers (Traffic), now the great idea of our Police Department is to hire Administrative Assistants to replace the administrative functions of the Local Police.

         We are very clear that the intentions of the Police Department, together with partners of municipal government, is DESTROY the Local Police.

         The first thing was not to pay the TOTALITY of our Danger, with the COMPLICITY of the unions in the Negotiating Table, agreeing to pay only €1,500 of the €1,750. This agreement was appealed to the Administrative Disputes Court by the SIPOL-CV, condemning the Town Hall to pay the €1,750 and default interest, condemning costs to the Town Hall Firm conviction that there is no appeal that has not yet made effective the Department of Staff, despite the requirements of the Court to pay the TOTALITY of our Danger.

         Then was the decision to breach L O2 / 86 of March 13, where they decide that the competitions to report the infractions of parking in the bus lane of the city have the Inspectors and drivers of the EMT and not the Local Police , Bordering the PENAL illegality in relation to the "USURPATION OF PUBLIC FUNCTIONS".

We already believed that we had seen everything, and we are surprised by the Police Department with the ELIMINATION, not Restructuring, of the Goe Unit and the forced transfer of half of the components of the Traffic Unit. Well, Mrs. Menguzzato will tell us who is going to handle the street vending, the markets and the big events in this city. That yes, will buy more radars that comes very well collect more than 5Millions of Euros in 5 months only with speed tickets at the expense of all the neighbors.

         But now Councilwoman Menguzzato decides to be Local Police. That an administrative assistant charges less and does not go Uniform, although CAN NOT perform the same functions as a Local Police, more than anything by the Data Protection Act. But it does not matter. The purpose is to minimize the Local Police, remove competencies, change Police for Administrative Assistants, eliminate Essential Units and minimize other... Until the next barbarity that occurs to him to FINISH WITH THE LOCAL POLICE.

        If this is the new policy that came to end the vices of previous stages ...