After the death of a worker of the installation in the Feria de Julio by accident at work, and after hiding this tragic fact for a week to public opinion by the City of Valencia, and when the relatives of the deceased Are those who inform of this fact, the Councilor of Festival Culture D. Pere Fuset, blames the Local Police to "silence" this tragic fact.

         From the SIPOL-CV we want to clarify that the action of the comrades who intervened in the first instance in the event was AMAZING, faithfully fulfilling the protocols of action in this type of accidents. That the channels of information through the hierarchical scale were AMAZING and that, in short, the professionals who work in the Local Police, all of them, faithfully fulfilled the protocols to be established in the Local Police.

         If the Local Police Department (PSOE) has communication problems with the Department of Festival Culture (COMPROMIS) is an EXCLUSIVELY POLITICAL issue, and never attributable to the Local Police, and that it seems to us regrettable that the death of a worker is taken so Superficially by the politicians that we have at the moment in the City council of Valencia, blaming each other.

Why is it not reported if there is a resolution of the Town Hall, where the subcontracted company is authorized to set up the stands as set out in the public occupation ordinance? Is it true that it was authorized to set up the stands BEFORE the favorable report of the technicians? Is it true that the assembling company forced its workers to mount the bleachers in poor conditions in terms of safety at work? Why was it not inspected from the City Hall if the assembly company complied with the minimum safety conditions? These types of questions, with their corresponding answers, are the ones that should come out in public and not accusations of not informing me or if the fault is the Local Police.

         From the SIPOL-CV we want to denounce the DETERIORATION of the service provided by the Local Police to its citizens and that in the very near future will be accentuated much more with the next RESTRUCTURING invented by the Police Department, which is going to really mean a ELIMINATION Of Units IMPRESCINDIBLES in the services provided by the Local Police to citizens, among which are the IMPOSSIBILITY to act in the Sale in both Markets and Beach and Center of the city, as well as security of major events . But that yes, they are going to acquire 2 Units more radars to continue collecting and continue beating records in extraordinary revenues by fines.