Following the free and opportunistic disqualifications made by the Mayor of El Palmar, Mrs. Raquel Romero Soler, the Councilor for Cooperation and Migration, Mrs. Neus Fábregas and from the municipal group of València in Comú, where the Local Police is falsely accused Of Racist in relation to the actions carried out in the Cultural Center of Cameroon, and following the statements of the Mayor of the Ayto of Valencia, D. Joan Ribó and the Department of Citizen Protection, Ms. Anaïs Menguzzato, where there is no longer any type OF DOUBT about the LEGALITY and PROFESSIONAL nature of the police actions:


  • A public rectification of Ms. Raquel Romero, Ms. Neus Fábregas and the municipal group Valéncia in Comú, unfairly striking the Local Police of Valencia of Racist, once demonstrated and guaranteed that the action of the Local Police in relation to the Cameroon Cultural Center was INTACHABLE and PROFESSIONAL completely.
  • The IMMEDIATE EESC of the Mayor of El Palmar, Ms. Raquel Romero Soler, for inciting in the Social Networks to HATE the Local Police without any foundation, with the only spirit of positioning itself to obtain political performance. In addition, of its recividism and the ANTIDEMOCRATIC values in its way of proceeding and to act like Alcaldesa Pedánea.

From the SIPOL-CV we would like to thank those Councilors of the City Council of Valencia who chose to RECEIVE ALL THE POSSIBLE INFORMATION BEFORE issuing a value judgment and DEFENDING THE PRESOCATION OF INOCENCY of the Local Police.
In these times so hard after the terrorist attack in Barcelona, now is the time to DEMAND UNITY OF TOD @ S against the crimes of RACISM, where the MINIMUM DOUBT of the PROFESSIONALITY AND INTEGRITY of those who " RUN IN THE SENSE OF CONTROVERSY TO THE RUNNING HUNGER OF THE PLACE OF THE ATTACKS ".
The SIPOL-CV has already contacted the legal services of the union to analyze the previous statements in case they constituted a CRIME OF HATE or against the HONOR AND DIGNITY of the Local Police.