Before the "probe balloon" appeared in the press where the City of Valencia is assessing the possibility of hiring interim local police or civilian personnel in long-term unemployment to regulate traffic, from the SIPOL-CV we want to show our ABSOLUTE REJECTION to the situation of PUBLIC CALAMITY that would occur in our city.

Local Police competences are multiple, and in order to provide the best service to citizens to attend to their problems, TRAINING, EXPERIENCE and the use of NECESSARY MEDIA, is BASIC in order to provide that minimum service that citizens demand.

The current legislation prevents the Interim Police from being able to carry out 80% of the daily services carried out by the Local Police. We recall that Law 27/2013, of 27 December, on the rationalization and sustainability of the Local Administration, the amendment of Article 92 (3), it is very clear that EXCLUSIVELY CORRESPONDING TO OFFICIALS the exercise of public powers, being reserved to the career officials the functions that imply EXERCISE OF THE AUTHORITY ... So no Interim Police could request documentation to any driver, file a simple complaint, carry out attestations for traffic accident, proceed to the arrests of perpetrators of security offenses citizen, much less go to trials as agents of authority ...

That is, 80% of the daily work of the Local Police CAN NOT be done by an Interim Police. So ... Why the urge to hire Police that CAN NOT PERFORM 80% OF A POLICE WORK? Why do we want police officers if they can not perform the duties of a police force? Would the City Council hire surgeons who can not use the scalpe?! Would the city council hire the EMT drivers who did not have a driving license? ... Oh, yes, but you are studying hiring police who can not perform police duties.

We do not understand how the government of the city council considers the hiring of Interim Police, when the same government in the Generalitat, with the new Law of Local Police, will be regulated the express prohibition of the figure of the Interim Local Police.

And we are not even talking about civilian personnel to regulate traffic. The experience of other municipalities tells us that they are not a solution, but another problem more added. They are not Police, not even Interim Police of the second, but they are people without more, that is given to them of a uniform more or less similar to the one of Local Police, with the only function to regulate the traffic and to denounce. But denounce as a citizen, without the condition of police. Judgments in other Autonomous Communities already exist where the Tribunals have ANNULATED the denunciations made by these Interim Police because they are not AGENTS OF THE AUTHORITY.

Is this the Local Police who wants the tripartite for the third capital of Spain, at level 4 (maximum) of antiterrorist alert ?. Local Police Yes, but FORMED AND PROFESSIONAL.