From the SIPOL-CV it seems to us regrettable that the agreements reached in the Technical Tables of the proposals presented by the unions represented there, BENEFIT A FEW COSTS TO HARMONIZE THE GREAT MAJORITY OF LOCAL POLICE.

Order of Transfers:

         We do not understand that the head office pulls a transfer order where it is MANDATORY to ask fate to the police affected by an absurd restructuring, where it is veiled threat that if you do not ask, we can send you to the destination that Headquarters say, regardless of family conditions and / or personal of each Police, so to ask everyone or it will be worse. And as you requested destination, you will be at least 2 years in that destination without having the right to request another, for that you have requested.

       But most unfortunate thing is that there are Police of First, where they DO NOT REQUEST DESTINY, but as they are VERY SIGNIFICANT union, a Technical Table is set up, a fight is organized and the Headquarters is forced to take another Order of Transfers where these Police of First ask for a letter, whether or not they are vacant, and we will make them hollow in any way, and as they are First Cops, we do not apply them as the rest of the Police, those 2 years obliged to stay.

          It seems to us unfortunate that they modify the rules of the game to the letter with the sole aim of benefiting a few SIGNIFICANT UNION POLICIES, at the expense of the other comrades who did not have that option. That is not the trade union world we deserve.

Christmas Week:

         Now go and find out that at the beginning of this week another Technical Table is set up to MODIFY the criteria of the week of Christmas parties of all the Police, reflected in our Protocol of Schedules.

         Now it goes and turns out to be, that there are a few Cops who do not like their Christmas Party week. Nothing, we ask for a Technical Table and we modify the criteria A LETTER so that a few can benefit at the expense of the rest of Police.

         Now go and the unions in Table, MODIFY the criteria to allocate the Christmas parties so that the Policemen of a certain cadence, enjoy BEST Christmas DATES, harming the police of the other two cadences.

         But nothing happens. Take it easy. Do not make plans for next year, that these same unions will not shake their pulse to re-modify the criteria of the Christmas Parties of 2018 to return to benefit their own at the expense of the rest of the police.

        We find the attitude of this type of unionism unfortunate, where it is not a question of prejudicing the great majority of the police, in order to benefit a minority at the expense of the other comrades.