From the union SIPOL-CV, and due to all the events that are occurring in the last hours in Catalonia, we want to show all our admiration and solidarity, and to manifest that we feel totally proud of the companions, both of the CIVIL COPS and the NATIONAL POLICE, since they are proving in a totally professional way, that goes beyond the resistance of what a person can support, which are two democratic institutions, at the service of the law and the legal order, without leaving lead to strong language threats and provocations.

Likewise, we note that we extend that pride and admiration towards the MATES of the different LOCAL POLICE, GUARDIA URBANA Y MOSSOS, who are now aligned with the democratic forces and we know that they are being crushed to threats and strong language, by these bluffer disguised as democrats and whose purpose is to sow chaos and anarchy in Catalonia and, therefore, in SPAIN.

The SIPOL-CV wants to express the strongest condemnation and condemnation of any act of violence, but even more so if that violence is exercised against the guarantors of peace and the democratic institutions of this nation, which are the POLICIES. They will always have us defending our colleagues, wear the uniform color they wear, because our front was, is and will be, always common.

Finally remember all our companions: You will never walk alone.