This morning, the General Secretary of SIPOL-CV, Mr. Salvador Gimeno, has presented the pertinent allegations to the new Local Police Coordination Law in Las Cortes Valencianas.

Important and fundamental issues as the Trade Union Representatives in the Autonomous Institutions, the lack of an Autonomous Organism that enforces this Law, because we already assume that the majority of town hall WILL NOT APPLY THIS LAW, pass to the group B of the Local Police of the basic scale, as well as the Officials, that ALL TESTS for access to Local Police are carried out in the IVASPE and not only the Psychic and Physical Tests to end the plugging and the terrible illegalities Which currently carry out the majority of municipalities, the exclusion of the homologation of the SIPOL-CV courses currently carried out by the IVASPE, when the SIPOL-CV fulfills much more than the minimum requirements required by the IVASPE, in addition there are courses offered by the IVASPE and that they are not carried out for lack of requests of students, when it is the Policemen who ask us that those same courses are the SIPOL-CV who realizes them, the lack of And control of the IVASPE to determine the faculty, the lack of concrete in the consolidation of the Interim Police, the increase of very serious penalties in disciplinary proceedings, the new Internal Affairs Committee at the disposal of the mayor in turn, Where we are convinced that the mayors will use it to "punish" the police NOT RELATED to their political party, the details of the return of the statutory weapon when it is withdrawn by order of the mayor or Head of the Body, legal assistance MANDATORY to Disposition of the Local Police when we go to the Courts as witnesses and / or investigated, are issues that WORRY Local Police and are not resolved in this Law.

From the SIPOL-CV we would like to thank ALL POLITICAL ORGANIZATIONS represented in Las Cortes Valencianas for listening and involving SIPOL-CV in our future Police Law, and to be able to send the voices of all Local Police Officers de La Comunidad Valenciana.