In the agreement of the City of Valencia 2011-14, the payment of a danger was signed for all Local Police and Firemen of the City Council of € 25 per month, which could not materialize due to the cuts and "freezing" of compensation for The serious economic crisis.

       But in 2016 and with the "Tripartite" governing the City Council, the payment of our danger is resumed and, after meeting of the Councilman Mr. Sergi Campillo with the unions in Mesa General UGT, CCOO, STA, CSIF and SPPLB, Decide to REDUCE the 1,750 € that corresponds to us and accept that we pay € 1,500. What's the reason for this decision of the unions in Mesa? They will explain it, if they can. See if it has anything to do with art 134 b) again Labor Agreement for officials.

       From the SIPOL-CV we began a series of writings to the City Council, and after the administrative silence obtained, we began the procedures in the Contentious-Administrative. And at the end of September 2016, the Litigation-Administrative Court issued a sentence CONDEMNING THE CITY HALL TO PAY the 1,750 € plus interest of delay to ALL THE POLICE AND FIREFIGHTERS, CONDEMNING COSTS TO THE CITY HALL AND WITHOUT ANY REMEDY.

       If sad was the campaign of DISCREDIT initiated by unions UGT, CCOO, STA, CSIF and SPPLB against SIPOL-CV, (That if we were ILLEGAL, IMMORAL, EXTEMPORANEOS ...) to GET to be paid ALL OUR DANGER, more sad Was the NEGATIVE of the City to NOT COMPLY WITH THE JUDICIAL ORDER, presenting a CASE REMEDY before the Supreme Court, failing more judicial requirements where the Court of Contentious nº 7 of Valencia ORDER to be paid to all Police and Firemen over € 2,000 To each one of us.

    We remind you that the SIPOL-CV, at the beginning of 2017, informs the Court of Contentious n. 7 of Valencia that the municipality fails to comply with the payment of our dangerousness and, at the end of May 2017, this Court orders the City of Valencia to Payment of our danger in the non-extendable term of ONE MONTH, under the warning "... To be able to impose coercive fines on the authorities, officials or agents who fail to comply with the requirements of the Court ... Without prejudice to other patrimonial or criminal liabilities that may correspond ..."

        Well, in July 2017 the City Council and the SIPOL-CV are notified that the Supreme Court DOES NOT ADMIT THE APPEAL OF CASE presented by the city hall of Valencia for "... the lack of accreditation in the preparation brief ... since no Has been minimally justified ... "condemning again to costs to the City of Valencia and the payment of our Danger.

        In SIPOL-CV we understand that there has been an intentional "Bad Practice", consensual and promoted by the Department of Personnel together with unions UGT, CCOO, STA, CSIF and SPPLB, with the clear intention of saving a handful of euros that belong To all the Police and Firemen of the City of Valencia (and their families), presumably in exchange for trade union prebends, with a clear detriment of their workers.

        From the SIPOL-CV we could understand that the debt with all its Police and Firemen amounts to more than 4 Million € and that could pose a problem to the City Council when making this payment, but we are very clear that this is not a problem when We are reading in press that the Tripartite is proud of the economic result achieved in 2016 and the increase of more than 7% of the budget of the City by 2017, being clear that the NEGATIVE TO PAY our Danger is not an economic problem.

        In SIPOL-CV we also want to make it clear that NEVER AND AT ANY TIME have we received any calls or requests from the Department of Personnel in the last two years to try to NEGOTIATE AND ARRANGE AGREEMENTS regarding the payment of our Danger, So we are also very clear the assessment and recognition that has the Department of Personnel of the Local Police and Firefighters of its City.

        In SIPOL-CV we will begin the necessary procedures before the Court of Contentious-Administrative nº 7 of Valencia to demand, COUNTY, PATRIMONIAL AND / OR CRIMINAL RESPONSIBILITIES TO AUTHORITIES, OFFICIALS OR AGENTS THAT HAVE FAILED THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE COURT IN THE PAYMENT OF OUR DANGER.